Working Approach & Methodologies

Working Approach & Methodologies


Network individuals (professionals/ farmers/ social leaders), I/NGOs, GOs and Cooperatives working in the field of Permaculture and similar philosophy


NPG establishes data base of learning and experiences, resource people, Permaculture graduates, professionals, case studies, references materials, organizations, audio-visuals and resources at both national and international level. NPG will focus to promote Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture principles through various processes and methods.

Training and education

  • NPG gives emphasis in maintaining the quality of Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture trainings and education by providing:
  • Introductory Permaculture Course and Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at different levels (grass roots, professionals and policy)
  • Advanced Permaculture Design Course (APDC)
  • organic agriculture
  • sustainable agriculture


NPG gives emphasize on conductingresearches through capable individuals and organizations in different thematic areas such as: appropriate technology, bio-gas and solar energy, efficiency study of crops, impact of agrochemical, indigenous knowledge and technology, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Low-External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) and Organic Agriculture.

Publication and communication

NPG establishes strong communication linkage with its; individual and organizational members and global community through sharing and publication. Sharing of experiences and expertise will be carried out by organizing workshops, seminars, observation tours, campaigns and exhibitions. Likewise, NPG will publish newsletters, journals, books, booklets, posters, case studies and audio-visuals.

Advocacy and lobby

Advocacy and lobbying is another focus area of work. Under this area of work, NPG advocate and lobby for/ against:

  • Destruction and degradation
  • Chemical hazards
  • Food security
  • Government policies
  • Appropriate and alternative interventions
  • Globalization and small producers
  • Genetic engineering
  • Indigenous knowledge, skills, values, ethics and wisdom
  • Gender and social equity
  • NGO culture
  • Patent right