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Promoting sustainable agriculture in Nepal (PSAN)

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal (PSAN) was a three year project running from 1998 to 2001, sponsored by Inter-Church Action, Canada and undertaken jointly by the Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) and the United Mission to Nepal (UMN). The project sought to promote sustainable farming technologies and systems throughout Nepal, with an emphasis on organic principles and low external input approaches. It also sought to build the capacity of NPG and its member organizations, through which most of the project’s activities were carried out. It was successful in raising awareness on sustainable farming practices at all levels.


The project’s activities included training of farmers and training of trainers (TOT) in sustainable agriculture principles and practices; establishment of 30 resource centres, managed by local lead farmers, along with the technical training of NGO staffs and on-going network activities through seminars, workshops and conferences. The resource centres established during PSAN now serve as model farms where sustainable approaches are demonstrated and knowledge related to sustainable food production is disseminated. The publication of literature also formed an important part of the project; this included a booklet on the subject of integrated pest management, a Sustainable Agriculture Directory for Nepal, and a tri-monthly NPG newsletter.

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