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Seed for Survival (SFS) Phase III

The project SFS Phase III has been designed based on the learning from the Phase I and II. The Phase III, in broad, suggests strengthening local level capacity on planning and implementation of the natural resource, agro-biodiversity and organic seed management and other developmental activities, participatory varietal selection, increase income through agro-biodiversity based income generation activities. It has equally emphasized to link up and strengthen the activities in previous years. The proposal is being implemented under the financial collaboration from the ICCO, Kerkinactie, Netherlands.


Specific objectives of the Phase III, which are revised and re-formulated over that of previous phases along with lessons learned on programme, policies, practices and needs are, as follows:

  • Strengthen capacity of local community and community based organizations (CBOs) on participatory neighborhood planning and programme implementation for their overall development process
  • Increase income of rural poor and marginalized farmers through agro biodiversity based income generating activities and development of low prioritized highly nutritious cereal crops in an institutional way.
  • Improve crop productivity of farmers’ preferred high value crops at local level through participatory varietals selection and strengthen local initiatives on conservation and management of natural resources and organic seeds building on indigenous knowledge and skills
  • Influence policies on conservation and promotion of low prioritized high nutritious indigenous crops, agro-biodiversity and organic seed

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